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Leaders in Hope - Community Partners

Leaders in Hope is LCBF’s new leadership giving society that recognizes the foundation’s most generous donors who have made annual gifts of $1,000 or more.  We extend our deepest thanks to our 2016, 2017, and 2018 LIH members.            

Our community partners and Leaders in Hope support us in our daily work to fulfill the foundation's mission.  It is through there generous financial and in-kind support that we can continue to fund critically important research and patient support programs and educate thousands annually on gynecologic cancers.  Thank you to everyone who plays a part in our efforts!

Tens of thousands of mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters will be affected by gynecologic cancers - YOU can make a difference in their lives by partnering with the Laura Crandall Brown Foundation!  Contact Mary Anne King to learn more about partnership opportunities.

If you would like to become a Leader In Hope you can download the form

by clicking here   and email it into Mary Anne King or call us to find out more.  



UAB Division of Gynecologic Oncology   Viva Health
 Alabama Gynecologic Oncology  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Henderson & Walton
   Sparks & Favor America's First FCC 
 Long Lewis Ford  Buffalo Rock  
 P&S Transportation    
Motion Industries   
Arley United Methodist Church UAB Preventative Medicine  
Pelham Highschool Baseball   Thompson Foundation The Caring Foundation 


Leaders in Hope INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS ($1000+)

Ms. Stephanie Cannon Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Karen Globetti Mr. & Mrs. Donnie and Patsy Byrd
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Theresa Hancock Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Babs Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Rooks
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Pam Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Cecilia Crandall Mr. & Mrs. Randy and Violet Chaffinch
Mr. Jay Ernst Mr. & Mrs. John and Jeanne Estis Mr. & Mrs. George and Cyndi Gammill
Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Lauren Gomes Mr. & Mrs. Darby and Jennifer Oliver Ms. Frances M. Ownes
Mr. & Mrs. Fred and Carol Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Harvey and Johanna Jenkins Mr. & Mrs. Brendon and Cameron Haikes
Mrs. Linda Hicks Mr. & Mrs. William and Gina Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. George and Laura Clark
Mr. Jeffrey Hayes Mr & Mrs. Jake and Becky Romano Mr. Rajat Parikh and Mrs. Monjri Shah
Mrs. Janet Day Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Rosemary Jones Mr. & Mrs. Rishi and Sarah Agarwal
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Lori Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Brandon and Mary Anne King Mr. & Mrs. Gerard and Nazha Kassouf
Ms. Jody Mattson Ms. Christa Mayfield Mr. & Mrs. Eddy and Doris Moody
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Brandy Moody Ms. Susan Moore Ms. Inda Russ
Ms. Carolyn Self Mr. Donald R. Schober Mr. Shea Bourland
Ms. Susan Smith Ms. Lynn Epsman Mr. & Mrs. Mack and Nicky Barnes
Mr. Tony Webster Ms. Angela Williams Ms. Rachel Sizemore